Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vitamin D Report

Yesterday I went on a whale-watching and snorkelling trip aboard a trimaran to the Marietas Islands.

There were only 20 or so on a boat that could hold 60, so it did not feel crowded. Had 8 people celebrating tuning thirty this year, which made for a fun trip. They brought a great playlist of music and kept the rest of us entertained.

We saw at least two types of whales, and I have posed pix on a new Salulita Photo Album site, which I will keep updated, and post a permanent link here and on my main website.

Here is a preview of one of the whales
We sailed out to a small island off the coast that has been designated a bird sanctuary, and spotted some Blue Footed Boobies, the only other place they nest is the Galapagos Islands.

We had a group of people on board who were all celebrating tuning 30 this year. They brought a great music playlist and kept the rest of us entertained for the trip.

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