Friday, January 27, 2012

Surf Report

Well I managed to stand up on my board with my first lesson. Baby waves at the edge of the bay so we were out of the way of the real surfers. The instructor was 16, looked 12 and surfed like he was born with a board attached to his feet.

I am tired and hooked. Will be down there now most days until I can at least edge a little closer to the real surfers without being insulted.

Sayulita has to be the perfect place for this, with a long curved bay and steady waves that are perfect for beginners and a little more advanced. Since I am on my own here I may not be able to get a photo to show you until Sue gets here. Hopefully by then I may be able to stand up long enough for a shot.

Meanwhile here is what I hope to look like.


Claire said...

Hola Glen

Wow! All sounds and looks fab. Good luck with developing the surfing moves and muscled tanned arms! Looking forward to hearing how your year unfolds.(and here I go again...signing up to some new fangled IT idea that you have put me up to!!)

Unknown said...

Thanks for following Claire. Surfing is harder than I imagined!